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Hi there!

My name’s Mark Yabsley and I’m a decades-long model builder from Australia and the creator of this website.

Competition Winning 1/20 Wolf Models RB1 w/ Star Wars Livery

Having long been a contributor to various online modeling forums showcasing my builds and sharing my tips with countless thousands of other fellow model builders, I decided to create this website, Airbrush Modeler, to share my modeling and airbrushing experiences, tips & tricks, in a more structured and detailed way, with the express goal of helping model builders improve their airbrushing skills and make informed airbrush, compressor and accessory purchase decisions.

You’ll be able to find me on many modelling forums under the username ‘Captain Mark‘ (or perhaps ‘CaptainMark‘ without the space). 😎

Here’s some examples of my work as posted on various forums:

1/20 Wolf Models, Redbull Rb1, Star Wars Livery

Won its category at the 2009 Queensland Model Hobby Expo 👊💪😎

1/20 Studio27, BAR006 – WIPCompleted Build Thread

My first multimedia kit and favourite build of all time!

For a look at one of my other passions check out my personal Instagram page, you’ll pretty quickly get a feel for what it’s about… 💪

So Why Start This Airbrush Modeler Website?!

I remember what what it was like to be clueless about airbrushing and not knowing exactly where to turn to improve my skills, all the while being frustrated when seeing all the amazing builds, paint work and airbrushing effects that other people were getting.

Airbrush Modeler

So, while I don’t claim to the airbrush guru of the planet by any means, I’ve learnt a thing or two over the many years of airbrushing all kinds of different model subjects.

Therefore my sole goal is to make this website the most useful go-to resource for everything to do with airbrush techniques, airbrush and compressor comparisons and reviews, and the practical use of airbrushes on all genres of model kit building and even miniature painting as well from time to time.

1/144 Scale Revell FA-18 – Mid Build

What’s My Claim To Fame?

In 2009 I made a very late entry into the Queensland Model Hobby Expo after spending a good three or so years building a 1/20 Wolf Models multimedia kit of the Redbull RB1 racer in Star Wars livery as raced in Monaco of 2005.

There were only 100 of these kits every produced and I managed to score one… and it wasn’t cheap…

The competition was exceptionally tough but I managed to pull of a win!!

The amount of effort I put into making every aspect of that build as perfect as possible was ultimately a little stressful, but I’ve now ticked that ‘competition win’ box off my list and I don’t take my model building quite so seriously these days.

I build purely for the enjoyment of it, and while my work is to a very high quality I just don’t let it phase me if I get a blemish here or there anymore.

See below for pictures of my winning build, or even more details by following the link below:

Click Here To See The Completed Project Thread

What Do I Normally Build?

Generally speak I build whatever takes my fancy at any given moment, which ranges from road-going and racing cars, both military and civil aircraft, the occasional armor kit, and once in a while I’ll try my hand at some miniature figures.

Oh… and how could I forget Star Wars kits! Although I’ve restrained myself, I’ve only got about five or six Star Wars kits in the stash at the moment…

Can I See Some Examples Of Your Work?

Here’s a few snap shots showing a little of my handywork over the years:

This old MPC kit cost me a few dollars, the base however cost me a mint!
Testing out airbrushing this particular green for a Studio27 Jaguar kit I have waiting in the stash.
My first Studio27 multimedia kit.
Airbrush Modeler 6
Resin aftermarket engines still in progress!

What Are The Future Plans For The Airbrush Modeler Website?

The focus is going to remain on airbrushing tutorials and reviews, including everything from airbrushes to compressors to accessories to paint types and their application to various modeling subjects/categories.

However suggestions are very much welcome, and if you’d like so see articles on certain airbrush/compressor and modeling related subjects please feel free to contact me with your request! 👍

Airbrush Modeler
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